Hollandia Yougurt


Hollandia Yoghurt is a tasty nourishing that combines the goodness of yoghurt with the freshness and vitamins of fruit. It is refreshing, invigorating and has a great smooth taste sure to guarantee your inner and outer wellbeing with every sip. Excite your taste buds with this delicious pack of Hollandia yoghurt.


This drink is a tasty beverage for both kids and adults. It’s rich in flavour and can be drank at any time of the day. When you’re thirsty and want something creamy and refreshing. Yoghurt drinks are very refreshing and can be drank on its own or combined with various meals. Hollandia Yoghurt has a sleek, creamy and luxurious texture. Its flavour is delicious and will leave your tongue wet, massage your throat and nourish your body.


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