The Best Virtual Field Trips for the Classroom

While virtual trips may not let students see otters float, elephants play, and lions strut up close, a digital tour allows for more intimate behind-the-scenes access. Lastly, virtual field trips have the unique benefit of being more climate-friendly than many in-person field trips, which often require students to travel on greenhouse gas-emitting buses. Some researchers argue that this makes virtual field trips especially beneficial for climate change education, which can provide educational benefits without harming the planet. One reason virtual field trips are so helpful in education is that they allow you to visit far-off destinations that would otherwise be totally inaccessible. All the money in the world won’t let you take an elementary school classroom to the top of Mount Everest or make it possible to tour the solar system.

What is a virtual field trip for education

Virtual field trips also have the potential benefit of improving inclusivity and diversity in the classroom. It’s important that students see themselves represented in their coursework and that they learn about subjects relevant to their own history and culture. That’s one reason why people have been advocating what is virtual reality in education for more inclusive curricula in both online and offline settings. Although not all educational VR experiences will promote inclusion, companies like Kai XR make it a priority. Our virtual field trips represent a range of cultures and societies, taking students from ancient Mayan temples to modern-day Syria.

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Imagine traveling inside the human body, learning about organ systems and anatomy in more detail than ever before. There’s no way to travel back in time, or fly to Neptune and Pluto, or shrink yourself down to the size of a human cell. But with the help of virtual field trips, imagination can become (extended) reality. A digital zoo tour is one of the best virtual field trips for kids.

What is a virtual field trip for education

National Geographic lets you explore the world’s largest cave, located in Vietnam. Use the interactive map to enjoy the fully immersive experience (sound on!). See one of the wonders of the world with this amazing, thousands-year-old fortification system known the world over.

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Instead of escorting your students to a Broadway show, summon a Broadway stage to your classroom. Broadway HD has a library of hundreds of productions, including rare and obscure shows. While not in real time, most filmed productions on the site are of live shows.

The Nature Conservancy has a brand-new virtual field trip entitled “You’re the Scientist! Citizen Science, Frogs & Cicadas.” Check out their full library of videos on topics like climate change and water security. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world, but many people will never visit in person. By taking your class on a virtual tour of the Louvre, you save airfare and time spent waiting in line.

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You can also supplement the trip with assignments and fun games. Virtual field trips are class outings that take place online, via platforms like Zoom, Google Street View or websites. While some of these activities consist of pre-recorded tours and videos, the best options tend to involve live video feed and student interaction with guides.

Your class can explore Egyptian antiquities, classic Italian paintings, and the remains of an underground moat, all without leaving the classroom. The Deep Sea by Neal Agarwal shows all sorts of marine life in the ocean. Viewers can scroll deeper into the ocean, discovering the animals that dwell at each depth. For a fun pre-tour exercise, distribute a handout with the names of various species and challenge students to guess at which depth the creature lives. Most of us recognize the giant stone statues of Easter Island, but what’s the story behind them?

List of virtual field trip ideas

The British Museum’s online Museum of the World exhibit lets visitors view and sort artifacts based on time period, area of origin, and themes such as religion or trade. Each point on the timeline contains pictures, descriptions, an audio file, and links to related objects. The Louvre site also directs visitors towards a downloadable “VR Mona Lisa” app that provides an up close peek at the famous painting, and other video and at-home experiences. The Louvre offers high resolution, 360 degree tours of various exhibitions on its website.

What is a virtual field trip for education

These adventures are an example of online classroom activities and often include virtual tours. Virtually visit museum rooms in the famous Louvre located in Paris. Even check out The Louvre kids’ site for student-friendly galleries and stories. You can’t visit The Louvre without seeing the Mona Lisa, so check out their immersive Mona Lisa experience available in the app store.

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From webcams at Hawaii volcanoes to a virtual run along the rim of the Grand Canyon, you have tons of options here. Check out everything the National Park Service has to offer virtually. Students may choose to explore areas such as the tombs of pharaohs, or the birth cities of American jazz. Your students will become the tour guides and teach peers about the chosen topic. Solving an activity helps students focus and remain more engaged, which results in students learning more from the experience.

  • The Louvre site also directs visitors towards a downloadable “VR Mona Lisa” app that provides an up close peek at the famous painting, and other video and at-home experiences.
  • By taking your class on a virtual tour of the Louvre, you save airfare and time spent waiting in line.
  • However, you can lead your students on an online field trip of the ocean.
  • Your class can get close with the animals and walk paths usually reserved for zookeepers.

You can plan additional activities like research assignments and presentations to enhance your student’s learning. Until recently, space wasn’t on the list of field trip destinations. NASA decided to teleport students directly to space camp by curating a virtual field trip that highlights its commercial crew program. Teachers can transmit a series of educational videos onto virtual reality sets to create an immersive experience.

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But with Kai XR, those field trips are possible with any mobile device, from a smartphone to a VR headset. When you can’t visit the museum in person, 3D virtual field trips to the Children’s Museum Houston are the next best thing. All videos are produced and curated by museum educators and feature hands-on activities that can be done in the classroom.

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